Tracy Michael Caine – Studio Owner and Drummer

A Great Recording Studio to record "Broadcast Quality" Tracks
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List of Equipment

I have an Instant – Killer Drum Sound in my Studio

No Expensive time-consuming “Drum Sound” Ordeals


Yamaha 6 Piece “Power Kit”  w 22”x18” Deep Kick

DW 8 Piece Studio Kit

Ludwig 5 Piece - “60’s” Jazz/Rock Kit

Snare Drums – 6 “CHOICE” snares of different sizes and shell materials

Cymbals – 3 Different Sets with Zildjian, Sabian and Paiste

Double Bass Drum Pedal

Remo Sound Control Rings

Percussion – Bongos, Congas, Shakers and 100’s of Sampled Ethnic Inst.

Electronic Pick-ups for triggering Sampled Sounds

Drum Compressors, Limiters and Reverb/Effects Processors



Roland XV- 5080 with multiple SRX Modules

Emu Proteus Virtuoso – killer Orchestral Module

4 Drum Machines some with Custom Chips and Sounds (E-mu, Alesis, Roland)

Akai Sampler with 12 Outputs and 100s of Custom Drum and Perc Samples

Roland Triggering Kit

Rack System for Quick Mobile Set-Ups

Compressors and Reverb/Effects Processors



List of Recording Equipment


Tascam SX-1 with various “instant killer drum sound” scenes

Protools M Powered 8

2 Yamaha 16 Channel Digital Mixers with many KILLER Drum Pre-Sets

32 Tracks-ADAT with BRC – easily syncs to Analog Recorder(s) and/or MIDI

Akai 12 Track Analog Recorder/Mixer

2 Neumann KM84i, 2 AKG 414, 4 Sennheiser 421, 8 Shure SM 57, AKG D112, +

Tons of Processors and Compressors

Triggering System for Replacing Bad Sounding Drums

Phillips CD Recorder and Sony DAT Recorder

Sony Mini-Disc Recorder

AKG and Sony Headphones – multiple pairs

Great Playback System – NS10s and EV Speakers

Full MIDI System – Sequencer and many Synth Modules

Multiple ADATs, DA-88 ‘s and Pro Tools available

Warm Ambiance - Fresh Juice and Great Espresso Machines



     My Mic Collection really sets my studio apart from others!

     Many Vocalists come to my studio for the great mics and my vocal experience

Neumann U-47 – a real nice sounding one! “the mic that makes it’s own music”

2 AKG 414s – warm sounding vintage ones

2 Neumann KM84i – fantastic overheads and great acoustic guitar mics!

4 Sennheiser 421 – the best tom mics!

AKG D-112 – a standard for great Kick Sounds

8 Shure SM 57’s – “the mic that should sell for $2000”

Extra Mics – numerous MXL mics for unexpected extra instruments

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